Top Ten Guard Dogs in the World

If you are seeking a dog that can serve as a companion and guard the manor too,
then the following canines will meet your requirements.

All the following dogs share a common bond as they all possess the protective
instinct needed to safeguard and defend both turf and family.

Number Ten: The Kuvasz - The Kuvasz, although somewhat shy at times, definitely possesses a different attitude when he is guarding his owner or his property. Of Hungarian descent, the large white dog has been used for centuries to guard livestock. Because the working dog possesses an independent nature, he can be a handful for even an experienced trainer or dog owner. Plus, the dog likes to bark and will do so quite often if given the opportunity - at both real and imagined threats. However, that being said, the dog is a loyal animal and is a good choice for dog lovers who need a dependable canine to guard a large estate or property.

Number Nine: The Staffordshire Bull Terrier - This exemplary guard dog was initially bred to fight bears and bulls. Some pet lovers sometimes confuse the English Staffie with the American Pit Bull Terrier. Although the two dogs possess similar features, they are not the same. Like the American Pit Bull, the Staffie is considered to be aggressive. The dog is also devoted and loving to his family and employs his aggression to protect the ones he loves. So, if you provide obedience training to the dog when he is yet young, he will be a great companion as well as protector. Muscular and of a medium, stocky build, the Staffie comes in a number of colors, including, red, black, white, fawn, blue, and brindle.

Number Eight: The Rhodesian Ridgeback - While the Rhodesian Ridgeback is considered the traditional dog used for hunting, the same instinct he uses to capture prey is channeled, as well, toward protecting his owner and his property. The brown, medium-sized canine originally came from southern Africa where he was known as the African Lion Hound. He is called a Ridgeback because of the strip of hair on his back that runs the opposite direction of the rest of his hairs on his coat. He also causes trespassers to run the opposite direction when he is guarding his property.

Number Seven: The Giant Schnauzer - Extremely loyal, the Giant Schnauzer tends to stay close to his owner, often following him around the house. Originating in Germany, the large dog was used to herd cattle in the early nineteenth century in Bavaria. Because the canine is a working dog, he must be obedience trained at an early age to avoid socialization problems when he is an adult.

Number Six: The Rottweiler - Considered an intelligent dog, the Rottweiler ranks in the top ten of the smartest dog breeds. Not only is the canine smart, he is fearless too. While he is placid and loving with his family, he will also fiercely defend them against any and all threats. Possessing a great deal stamina and immunity to pain, the Rottweiler is as strong as he is loyal.

Number Five: The Doberman Pinscher - Just like the Rottweiler, the Doberman Pinscher is also very intelligent and ranks in the top ten in this regard too. A quick study, the dog is loyal and quick to attack if he senses that his owner or family may be in danger. Studies reveal that the dog ranks high among dogs when it comes to stranger-directed aggression. However, the opposite is true when it comes to any aggression directed at its owner.

Numbers Four and Three:The Komondor and Puli - Even though the Komondor and Puli look cute and friendly, they both have demonstrated their ability to be excellent watchdogs too. Both dogs, with their long, corded coats, which resemble dreadlocks, can indeed send dread into anyone who poses to be a threat. Of the two dogs, the Komondor is a bit more of aggressive in nature. Therefore, the Puli comes in at Number Four while the Komondor is ranked number three among the guard dog top ten.

Number Two: The Bullmastiff - The Bullmastiff, very loyal and brave, is a combination, as his breed name suggests, of a bulldog and mastiff. The canine is definitely a canine to be reckoned with as he won't hesitate to knock you over and pin you down if you are trespassing or threatening his domain. While he may be suspicious of strangers, the dog is a devoted and loving family pet.

Number One:The German Shepherd - Probably the most beloved guard dog in the world is the German Shepherd who is not only a great family companion but a noted police dog too. Highly intelligent (among the top five smartest dogs in the world), the German Shepherd is also used extensively in search-and-rescue work as well.