How Do Dogs Differ from Cats

Dogs and Cats Differ in How they Communicate

While some people may think dogs do not like cats and vice-versa, that's not
necessarily true.

The two animals merely have different ways of communicating.

While dogs are more social and naturally like being part of a group, a cat is
definitively an independent animal. That, in and of itself, can lead to a bit of
miscommunication between the two.

Making Comparisons

Both animals are fine pets to own. However, you'll probably not convince dog owners or handlers that the cat is superior when compared with the dog. So, let's see how the two animals match up with respect to vision, speed, endurance, smell, and IQ.

Cats See Better than Dogs

When it comes to seeing things, cats see much better than dogs. In fact, cats are able to detect any type of movement and can see very well in low levels of light.

The Dog's Sense of Smell is Better than Just About Anyone's - Cat or Human

However, the dog's detection of odors and scents is far better than the cat's although the cat has a keener sense of smell than a human. That being said, you're still not going to find any feline trained as a drug sniffing cat or used in search-and-rescue missions or activities. Rather, it will be the dog who'll rescue the cat in case of a mudslide or avalanche.

In fact, dogs can smell so well that research reveals that canines can diagnose cancer by sniffing a patient's breath. Not only that, the dogs used in the research study were accurate, on average, around 94% of the time. Indeed, the dog's nose is an amazing tool as it is used for search-and-rescue work, in the field of health care, and for criminal investigations and law enforcement activities.

Dogs Have more Stamina than their Feline Counterparts

However, if you asked a dog and cat to compete in jumping and running, the cat would win the contest. But that doesn't mean the feline could take on any marathon-type activities. You only have to witness a greyhound dog race or see sled dogs traveling across a seemingly unending stretch of ice to know that dogs are designed to keep going in a variety of environments or weather extremes.

Dogs are Smarter than Cats - Although that Point is Open for Debate by People who Own Cats

Cats, at least according to their owners, are intelligent animals. However, when compared with the dog, the cat cannot surpass his canine rival in intelligence. After all, dogs can be trained to aid people with psychological and physical disabilities and, as already mentioned, sniff out clues in police investigatons and assist in diagnosing cancer. Dogs are also able to understand words with research providing evidence that some canines are able to recognize from 100 to 200 spoken phrases.

Both Dogs and Cats are Lovable Pets

So, while cats are able to leap, jump, see and sprint better than dogs, dogs have proven to have a keener sense of smell and be hardier physically. Dogs are said edge out cats when it comes to IQ too. Still, one has to admit, when it comes to being loved, both pets can't help but receive an equally high ranking.