Dogs Can Also Cry

Everyone who has ever had a dog has seen it happy, sad, scared, surprised or

It is easy for most people to recognize these emotions. When our pets are happy,
they perk their ears and wag their tails; when scared they tuck their tails between
their legs and scurry away to find shelter; and when angry with us, they simply do
not pay us any attention.

However, are dogs capable of crying? Yes, they are!

Many people have seen tears in their dog's eyes. Now, are those tears related to sadness or are they a symptom of something else? Well, the answer is actually "yes" and "no." Dogs do cry, but they do it in a different way, mostly by whining.

This whining can be noticed when small puppies are taken away from their mothers, and the reason behind it is the fact that they are afraid and frightened by the change in their environment. They miss their mother, and yes, they also miss their brothers and sisters. That is also why when brought to their new home, in the beginning they "cry" almost all night. Older dogs can "cry" for different reasons. Some of which include the same things that make people cry - loneliness, stress, physical pain, hunger, or simply a desire to draw the attention.

Dogs also "cry" when abandoned by their owners. This is due to confusion and their love for their owner. Like a person who has just gone through a breakup, the dog is now alone; they don't have anyone to love and don't know how to go on. So if dogs cry whining rather than tears, what exactly are those tears that you see in your dog's eyes? Well, according to experts, those tears are not signs of emotion. They usually result from stress, direct sunlight or other health issues. However, one thing is clear; if you hear your dog "crying" without any visible reason, try to calm it by speaking to it nicely and hugging it.

Don't forget that just because you don't see a reason for it to be crying doesn't mean there isn't one. Be observant and open minded and look for clues as to what could be causing your dog distress.