Dogs and the Cinema

Curious statistic - about a third of dog owners got a specific breed of dog because
of a movie they saw where that breed was the star (or played a prominent role in the

Now let's see who are these stars and are they really worth it!

Fang, of Harry Potter fame, is a Neapolitan Mastiff and plays the role of Hagrid's
pet in the blockbuster movie.

A bit of movie trivia - in the movie, Fang is actually supposed to be a Boarhound; however, the actual role is played by three different Mastiffs!

And what about the movie "Turner and Hooch?" You remember, it was that movie with Tom Hanks in the leading role as detective Scott Turner, who is partnered up with Hooch, played by a Dogue De Bordeaux. In the movie, Hooch is the only one who can help the detective in solve the mystery murder! Not bad, not bad at all!

And what about one of the most favorite movie heroes of all time - Beethoven! This was the first time that this particular Saint Bernard breed appeared on the big (the year was 1992 for those of you wondering). He soon became a favorite for people all over the world!

Last on our list (but certainly not THE last dog to make the big time on the big screen) is Milo, the sweet Jack Russell Terrier that helps his owner in "The Mask." There is no doubt that the green man is hilarious and funny, but would have the movie been so successful without Milo? We think not.