19 Curious Facts About Dogs

This is a short compilation of some curious, perhaps little known, facts about dogs.

1. First off, did you know that dogs see the world in black and white only?

Well, guess what - that's not a fact - it's wrong. Dogs can see many other colors
besides black and white, although it is true that they are not able to perceive as
much of the color spectrum as humans can.

2. Not to worry - because dogs can see better than we can in the dark. They
actually have a special reflective layer under their retinas that gives them better
night vision.

3. If you were to leave a female dog, its male companion and their first batch of puppies to their own devices, in six years time they would eventually be able to produce around 66,000 puppies. Normally this doesn't happen because puppies are seperated from their parents at birth and because many owners neuter their dogs.

4. Although everyone knows that dogs pant to dissipate heat (humans sweat to dissipate heat), most people don't know that dogs actually do sweat - just like humans. The difference is that while humans pretty much sweat all over, dogs can only sweat between the toes on their paws.

5. Just like human babies, Chihuahuas are born with fontanel, which close later on. What are fontanels? Fontanels are the soft spots on a baby's head which allow the baby's head to pass through the mother's birth canal during birth.

6. The typical dog jaw can generate a force of between 150 to 200 pounds per square inch.

7. The typical one year old dog is as physicalyl developed as a typical 15 year old human child.

8. The Newfoundland breed is the best swimmer in among all dog breeds.

9. On ther other end of the specrtum, Basset hounds are the worst swimmers - in fact they can not swim at all.

10. Greyhounds are the fastest dogs in the world! They can reach speeds of approximately 45 miles per hour.

11. Book 'em danno! The prints from dogs' noses are unique...just like the human finger prints.

12. The Cisky Terrier is one of the rarest of dog breeds in the world. In fact, at last count therer were oly about 350 of these dogs known to exist - throughout the world.

13. Investing in a dog watch? Might be a good idea because dogs don't have sense of time.

14. Humans and dogs have lived, worked and played together - in the modern sense - for over 12,000 years.

15. In 1957 a dog called Laika, was the first living creature from Earth to enter outer space.

16. The African dog breed known as the Basendzhi is the only dog in the world that cannot bark.

17. Dogs have twice as much muscle in their ears, endowing them with fine motor control, which is why dogs can move their ears in all sorts of directions.

18. Newborn Dalmatians are completely white...the spots come later.

19. Boxers are named from their manner of play. When playing, they use only their front paws - hence the moniker "Boxer."