10 Funny Facts About Dogs

Dogs are one of the very few animals with which people have formed the
strongest bonds.

Many of us who own dogs consider them part of the family.

With over 12,000 years of having them by our side, we've discovered some pretty
amusing facts about our beloved pets.

1. Fetch is a game that has to be taught to dogs. Dogs actually prefer to play keep-away, where they make you try to take their toys away from them. They'll often play keep-away for hours.

2. Dogs don't like rain. Not because it gets them wet, but because their hearing is so sensitive that the sound of rain hurts their ears.

3. In the ancient Far East, Pekingese and Japanese Chins were such important gifts to emperors they had their own servants while being carried along trade routes.

4. Purebred hunting dogs were such expensive status symbols in the Middle Ages that in order to prevent breeding with mixed breed dogs, the mixed breed dogs were required to wear a block around their necks. Class status symbols weren't just for humans.

5. Kubla Khan owned 5,000 Mastiffs, the most dogs owned by anyone ever. This is particularly funny when you think about all the drool produced by just one of these gentle giants.

6. A dog can easily identify his owner at over a mile away, provided the owner is waving his or her arms. However, a person standing still just 300 yards away from a dog is virtually invisible to him.

7. Male dogs lift their legs to urinate on things because they want to appear large and intimidating to other dogs. This is taken so far that some African Wild Dogs will rub up trees while urinating in order to appear massive.

8. French poodles originated in Germany, not France.

9. According to some surveys, 33% of dog owners talk to their dogs on the phone or leave messages for them on answering machines.

10. Small dogs mature faster than larger ones.