Dog Facts

Top Ten Guard Dogs in the World
If you are seeking a dog that can serve as a companion and guard the manor too, then the following canines will meet your requirements. Read More

Why Do Dogs Lick People?
We've all seen it a million times. A dog runs up to a perfect stranger and begins licking them like an ice cream cone on a warm summer's day. Why do dogs lick people - even people they don't know?Read More

What Colors Can Dogs See
Unlike humans, who can see all the colors of the electromagnetic spectrum, dogs' eyes (as well as other many other animals) are limited to only certain portions of the spectrum. Read More

Dogs and the Cinema
Curious statistic - about a third of dog owners got a specific breed of dog because of a movie they saw where that breed was the star (or played a prominent role in the movie). Now let's see who are these stars and are they really worth it! Read More

Man's Best Friend Indeed
It is not in vane when people say that dogs are man's best friend. This has been proven over and over again. Let's look at some examples from history. Read More

Dogs Can Also Cry
Everyone who has ever had a dog has seen it happy, sad, scared, surprised or angry. It is easy for most people to recognize these emotions. Read More

19 Curious Facts About Dogs
This is a short compilation of some curious, perhaps little known, facts about dogs. Read More

10 Funny Facts About Dogs
Dogs are one of the very few animals with which people have formed the strongest bonds. Many of us who own dogs consider them part of the family. With over 12,000 years of having them by our side, we've discovered some pretty amusing facts about our beloved pets. This is a short compilation of some curious, perhaps little known, facts about dogs. Read More

How Do Dogs Differ from Cats
While some people may think dogs do not like cats and vice-versa, that's not necessarily true. The two animals merely have different ways of communicating. While dogs are more social and naturally like being part of a group... Read More

Psychiatric Service Dogs - Loyal and Devoted Working Animals
A psychiatric service dog, referred to as a PSD, assists anyone who has a psychiatric or mental disability. Dogs of this classification provide help for people who have such mental disabilities as... Read More

How to Determine If Your Dog is the Right Dog for Running
If you are a diehard runner or jogger and want the companionship of a dog when you exercise, then some dogs will fit the bill nicley, especially if they are highly energetic. Dogs that like to run include Terriers, Vizslas, Weimaraners, and Rhodesian Ridgebacks.Read More

Two Out of Three US Households Own a Pet
Two out of three American households own a pet, with 85% of pet owning homes owning either a dog or a cat...or both. Cats are a bit more numerous, with the ratio of cats to dogs coming in at about 1.1 - this translates to about 8.2 million more cats than dogs!Read More

Do Dogs Grieve
There's no question that life's most traumatic events often revolve around the death of a loved one, whether human or animal. It's a difficult and emotional time during which we reach out...Read More