The Irish Setter (since 1878)

The Irish Setter was officially registered for the first time in Dublin, in 1878.

Irish Setters, also known as Irish Red Setters, are known for their playfulness and
energetic spirit.

Generally nice to other dogs, they often seek companionship for their games. They
are well suited in an environment where they can move around - a lot.

The Irish Setter is a wild and temperamental dog and needs considerable amounts
of exercise if you want it to stay calm when at home.

So this is the advice we give to anyone who is considering getting an Irish Setter - if you don't like movement, running and game playing, then an Irish Setter is not for you.

Believe us when we tell you, if you are not a good match you will drive yourself, and your dog, crazy! The Irish Setter is primarily a hunting dog, so if you do get one, expect to have nice long walk in the park or woods. Hunting is this breed's dream job and so these types of settings represent its ideal growth environment. Now this doesn't mean that these dogs don't like company - on the contrary, they love being the center of attention (OK who doesn't)...and they seem to especially like it when going on outdoors excursions. They love attention and are ready and willing to work hard to be deserving of it.

In the family, the Irish Setter is a good companion to everybody; but being a very loyal breed, it will always be partial to its owner. In domestic settings, dogs from this breed need basic training to ensure that their character and behavior is just calm and gentle enough for modern household living.

The average life expectancy of an Irish setter is between 12 and 15 years.

Irish Setters are somewhat more prone than other dogs to certain diseases, including HD and PRA, and may also have problems with their thyroid and may experience epilepsy.

So, one piece of advice here...if you intend on making an Irish setter a part of your family, for your own and for the puppy's sake, make sure that the parents have the OFA and CERF certificates. All the rest is in your hands!