The Best Small Dogs to Own

Small dogs like all things small are adorable and make people go, "Aww" however,
if anyone thinks that owning a small dogs means having a laid back dog, think
again. Like all dogs and people for that matter each and every dog has its own
personality, and when it comes to small dogs, they tend to be a little more arrogant
than other dogs.

Not that this is a bad trait, but it is important to not opt for a small dog on looks
alone because it could end up being a huge mismatch for the dog and owner.

Here are some of the best small dogs to own. Maltese

This is a great dog for people with allergies as this dog's fur can get long and needs daily maintaining, but it does not shed easily. These little guys get along with other animals; although, it is best to introduce them to other types of animals at a young age. They can be a bit arrogant at times, but they need lots of love. Just do not overdo it on the coddling because it can lead to behavior disorders.

Boston Terrier

This is a very friendly breed, and they are especially great with kids. Grooming is not a high necessity with these dogs. They just need a brushing every once in a while to rid excess hair. Owners of these dogs are recommended to buy a lot of chew toys because they will find something to chew on.

Yorkshire Terrier

There is a reason these dogs are one of the most popular small dogs to own. They are very laid back and very smart for such small dogs. They are, however, bold and curious and do like to have fun. Their coat gets really long and needs maintaining, but it is very beautiful.

Shih Tzu

This breed was made to be a domestic family dog. They are excellent with kids. There long coat does need daily grooming, but it does not shed easily.


These are adorable dogs, but they can get a bit chirpy. They are a lot like small children and are also great around kids as long as they are introduced as puppies. They do shed a lot so they are not great for someone with allergies or a house full of small children.


These dogs are great for someone that wants a companion but may have a busier schedule. They are great dogs for someone who lives in an apartment. They are playful, but do not need a whole lot of exercise. This is a very smart dog and very easy to train. Its hair needs brushing at least every other day to keep from matting up, but it does not shed that much.