The Best Big Dogs to Own

There are many people that do not consider a dog a real dog unless it is big.

These people tend to avoid toy or lap dogs at all costs. There are many reasons to
own a larger sized dog.

Many are actually much easier to train than smaller dogs and are actually much

The truth is most big dogs think they are babies, and they just want someone to
love them. Here are some big dogs that are ideal to own. Bernese Mountain Dog

This dog breed has become very popular in the past few years. They are Swiss in origin and have great personalities. They have great intelligence and are very affectionate dogs. They are very beautiful with their tri-colored fur. They are great outside dogs and do very well in cold weather. Any owner will find that these dogs are patient and completely loyal.


This dog's traits have been very publicized thanks to television, and for once, Hollywood was not far from the truth. These dogs are incredibly smart and totally loyal. They are very rarely aggressive unless their owner is being attacked. They are absolutely fearless but completely gentle. They are also great with children and make a great family pet.


These dogs are huge, and are actually considered indoor dogs. They make great guard dogs, but are also very affectionate and gentle. These dogs tend to become devoted and unbelievably loyal to their owners. Their size may not appear like it, but they are great with children.


Movies and television have given these dogs a bad rap. They are traditionally herding dogs, and have great obedience skills, which makes them easily trainable. They make excellent guard and service dogs. These dogs are also extremely loyal and attentive so they are great for families.

Golden Retriever

This is one of the smartest breeds of dogs. They make great companions as they are very friendly and lovable to their owners and strangers. They are also great with children. Also, they are typically considered indoor pets, but it is important to remember to let them get their daily exercise.

Labrador Retriever

This is the most popular breed of dog that is owned across the globe. It has been number one on the kennel registration list for the past 18 years. There is a reason for this. This breed of dog is friendly, intelligent, and makes a great companion or working dog. Any family would be rewarded for having such a lovable dog in their home.


This dog breed has been around since Ancient Egypt. They were initially used for hunting and herding. For such a large dog, it does not need much space, and they make better apartment dogs than many small dogs because of their calm nature. They are easy to train and get along well with other animals and children. They just need about 20 to 30 minutes of exercise today to stay healthy.