Golden Retriever (Man's Best Friend)

Golden retrievers are great dogs! Aside from looking gorgeous with their gold or
white fur, they are clever, loyal and always eager to help their owner and to make
him or her feel good.

These are not just idle words. When we say that Golden Retrievers are among the
smartest dogs in the world, we really mean it.

In fact, their high intelligence is one of the reasons that Golden Retrievers are highly
sought after as Seeing Eye dogs. Initially, the breed was created in Great Britain for
duck hunting.

This is why retrievers make such good hunting dogs and also why they tend to be such great swimmers. Since the Dukes and Lords couldn't go into the rivers and lakes to get their game themselves, the Golden Retriever was created.

Even today, water is an integral part of a Golden Retriever's life. If you own a retriever, you should be extremely careful when taking it to places where there are open bodies of water. There is a good chance that it will follow its instincts and try to get into that water.

Getting into water is generally not a problem for these dogs, but once they come out, retrievers like to get big hugs from their owners - so be ready for some wet clothes and a bid of mud too!

There are several things you should be cautious about when having a retriever at home. First, while they are growing up, they like to chew on everything - literally! Tooth brushes, hair brushes, toys, wooden doors, cables, literary everything. You may not mind that much - you can always replace those things. But there is always the danger that the dog will swallow something that will get stuck in its through, becoming a choking hazard. What's more, retrievers will chew on anything, and this includes electrical wiring and cables...something to be avoided for obvious reasons (electric shock, risk of fire, etc.)

Unfortunately, the chewing on anything habit doesn't subside over time. In fact, once they are old enough to go on walks, you should pay close attention to everything they put in their mouths - and there will generally be a lot of things they put in their mouths.

Beyond being known for their ubiquitous chewing habits, Golden Retrievers are also known as good around children. They are ready to love and care for small children.

Naturally, like any other dog, Golden Retrievers, especially when they are puppies, can be a menace. However, they have ample charm and know how to use it while apologizing for their less than stellar activities!