Dog Breeds Suitable for Children

First of all, as a general rule, it would not be completely correct to say that there are
certain breeds which are suitable for children and that there are certain breeds which
are not.

Everything depends on the specifics of the situation and most dogs can be properly
trained or their training can be neglected - which will determine whether or not they
will be suitable around children. However, there are some breeds which, on average,
are better with children and enjoy spending time with them.

Some of the breeds which are suitable for small children include the English Spaniel, which is a very friendly and playful dog and which loves attracting children's attention and playing with them; the Coli, which when brought up along with a child, can be perfect companions for kids and can even take care for them; the Beagle, this is a highly intelligent, loveable, calm and special dog, which can be good for any family, with or without children; Golden Retrievers, man's best friend, the same goes also for kids, playful and caring character, always ready to make its owner happy (child or adult). Some other breeds are more suitable for teenagers. These include: Welsh Corgi - these dogs easily accept their new owners and are very gentle with children; Dalmatian - they love playing with children, are caring and devoted; Irish Setter - perfect for teenagers, very communicative and easy going dogs.

Getting a dog for your child is quite a nice idea. It will teach your child responsibility by having to take the dog out regularly, feeding it, playing with it, etc.

On the other hand, kids love small dogs, they have the necessary time to spend with them and later on, when they grow up, they tend to be more friendly and open minded towards everybody.

All dogs, when trained properly, can become the perfect pet for any family. So we really shouldn't judge a book by its cover. We should at least open it and have a look inside before making our decision.