Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherds seem to have originated from the Tiebetan dog, having been
bred centuries ago by Caucasian (Central Asian Steppes) shepherds who needed a
good guard for their herds, and also to help protect themselves from thieves and

Due to its character, huge size and aggression towards unknown people and
animals, the Caucasian Shepherd seemed to be the correct choice.

The breed is most popular in Russia, where it was exhibited for the first time as an official breed.

These dogs have even seen military service - most famously in the Ottoman army during the mid 1700s.

Their political career continued into the 1960s, when they made their first appearance in Germany as patrol dogs, especially around the Berlin Wall.

Nowadays, Caucasian Shepherds are mostly used as private guard dogs or are someone's loving pet.

There are three types of Caucasian Shepherds - long, short and medium haired.

In terms of color, they tend to vary from grayish, brownish and reddish to bright yellow and can sometimes have spots. Their dimensions are huge! Male dogs can weight over 60 kilos and can reach a height of more than 70 cm high. The Caucasian Shepherd is a very bold, courageous dog with a strong will and temperament. Improper training can result in aggressive, or even savage behavior.

Even those these dogs become strongly attached to entire family (including both people and animals), there must be one person who it will accept as its master and whom it will obey immediately.

That's why future owners should know that, especially while they are young, the dog should be surrounded by attention. Dogs from this breed are aggressive towards unknown people and can react to even little things if they are annoyed by it (whatever "it" happens to be - a noise, a smal animal, etc).

These dogs are not recommend for apartment living. They are ideal for environments with large open spaces. As mentioned previously, they are very good guardians for both family members and property.

Their long hair helps them survive pretty well in wintry conditions, but can be a real burden during the summer. That's why you need to comb its fur often and make sure that the dog has a cool place to rest.

The average Caucasian Shepherd has a lifespan of between 10 to 12 years.