Bulgarian Shepherd Dog

The Bulgarian Shepherd Dog is an old breed - in fact, it the Tibetan is considered
to be one of its distant ancestors.

As their name suggests, Bulgarian Shepherd Dogs were first raised in Bulgaria and
the surrounding regions, first by the ancient Thracians and later by wandering cattle
breeders known as the Karakachans.

The Karakachans needed brave and strong guardians for their herds and this breed
covered all the requirements.

It is believed that during Ottoman rule in the region (i.e., the Ottoman Empire), the Turks crossed the Karakachan dogs with Turkish shepherd dogs, which undoubtedly influenced the breed.

The Bulgarian Shepherd Dogs is a large dog, which instills respect. It has a strong body with massive bones and perfectly developed muscles. The male dogs can reach height of 75 cm and can way up to 60 kilos, while the females can reach 68 cm in height and 50-55 kilos in weight.

This makes the dogs of this breed perfect for their jobs as guardians of herds and property.

Some of the characteristic features of this breed include a distrustful manner that can and an aggressive tendency towards unknown people or animals. When feeling threatened, they quickly go on the defensive but are also known to be furious (offensive) fighting dogs.

After the smoke has cleared, they can usually calm down just as quickly as they became irritated. Basically, if you are looking for a nice companion for games and fun, the Bulgarian Shepherd Dog is not the right dog for you.

These dogs need to live outside; they cannot be kept in an apartment, no matter how big your apartment is. The Bulgarian Shepherd Dog has a strongly developed sense of independence and personal space. They are not pretentious and are extremely hard-working. Once you manage to teach these dogs that you are their master, they will be completely true to you.

When part of a family with other animals, the Bulgarian Shepherd Dog is ready to share its food or shelter with the others, which makes it actually one of the nicest things a dog would ever do for another animal.