Dog Breeds

The Best Big Dogs to Own
There are many people that do not consider a dog a real dog unless it is big. These people tend to avoid toy or lap dogs at all costs. There are many reasons to own a larger sized dog. Read More

The Best Small Dogs to Own
Small dogs like all things small are adorable and make people go, "Aww" however, if anyone thinks that owning a small dogs means having a laid back dog, think again. Like all dogs... Read More

What Are the Best Indoor Dogs
Dogs are great pets to own. No one should be denied owning one if it is their wish; however, some people do have living situations which permit only certain weights and kinds of dogs. Read More

What Are the Smartest Dogs to Own
Dogs are great to own, but smart dogs are even better. All dogs may be adorable, but some are just easier to train and are more adept at listening than others. Read More

Dog Breeds Qualified as Being Aggressive
Let's face it when it comes to aggressive talks, they come in all shapes and sizes. Some dogs are "known" to be aggressive, while others are known to be sweet and lovable. Read More

The Siberian Husky (a.k.a., the fluffy workaholic)
The Siberian Husky is a medium sized dog. They are generally light and fast, with free and graceful movements. They are a true "work dog" and are sometimes referred to as workaholics because of their unyielding work ethic. Read More

The Irish Setter (since 1878)
The Irish Setter was officially registered for the first time in Dublin, in 1878. Read More

Golden Retriever (Man's Best Friend)
Golden retrievers are great dogs! Aside from looking gorgeous with their gold or white fur, they are clever, loyal and always eager to help their owner and to make him or her feel good. Read More

Dog Breeds Suitable for Children
First of all, as a general rule, it would not be completely correct to say that there are certain breeds which are suitable for children and that there are certain breeds which are not. Read More

Bloodhound (or the St. Hubert Hound)
The Bloodhound is one of the oldest hunting dogs in the world, with a history dating back to the 18th century. Originally from Belgium, they were bred by aristocrats and first registered in 1885. Read More

Bulgarian Shepherd Dog
The Bulgarian Shepherd Dog is an old breed - in fact, it the Tibetan is considered to be one of its distant ancestors. Read More

Dog Breeds with the Strongest Bites
Different dog breeds have different bite strengths. Bit strength depends on the training of the jaws, the size of the dog and the level of its aggression - which makes the question of which dog breed has the strongest bite a fairly difficult question to answer, since each of these factors depend upon variables specific to each dog. Read More

Borzoi (The Russian Grace)
Originating in Russia, the Borzoi dog was known to accompany aristocrats on their hunts, since these dogs were bred specifically to pursue and hunt wolves. Read More

German Shepherds
Selection for what eventually became the German Shepherd started 1895. History credits Artur Meyer and Von Stephanitz as the "creators" of the breed, which was marketed as being very adaptable, very trainable and imbued with a deep desire to defend its master with unyielding loyalty. Read More

Although the Greyhound originated in Egypt and its breed has existed there since the times of Ancient Pharaohs, the breed was first officially registered in 1885. Read More

Samoyed - The White Beauty
The Samoyed comes from Siberia, where the Samoyed tribe used them to pull their sledges and also used them as their personal heaters (they snugged closely to them for warmth). Read More

The Smallest Dogs Breed in the World
Yes, you are correct; we are talking about the Chihuahua! Those tiny little cuties - it doesn't matter if they are long or short haired, dark or lightly colored?they are cute and tend to be preferred by... Read More

English Mastiff
Although the English Mastiff was first registered in 1885. it has a long and stories history. In fact, throughout many periods Mastiffs were used as "gladiators" who fought with bears, lions, leopards and other large animals?and sometimes these dogs are known to have won such battles. Read More

Caucasian Shepherd
Caucasian Shepherds seem to have originated from the Tiebetan dog, having been bred centuries ago by Caucasian (Central Asian Steppes) shepherds who needed a good guard for their herds, and also to help protect themselves from thieves and predators. Read More

The Akita originates from Japan, where it was first bred by samurai. This breed has a recorded history that spans more than 300 years and is considered a national treasure in Japan. Read More

Alaskan Malamute
The Alaskan Malamute, as its name suggests, comes from Alaska and was bred for pulling sleds. Named after the Inuit tribe known as Mahlemuti, it has been used by humans since time immemorial (although they were first officially registed in 1935). Read More

Brussels Griffon
The Brussels Griffon originally hails from?.Brussels, Belgium, where it was used to guard the stables belonging to the nobility. Read More

Pugs are delightful little dogs with enormous personalities. A toy breed, pugs have short-nosed snouts, curly tails, and fawn, black, or brindle coats. Known for their snorting, snoring, and playful natures, pugs were one of the first pure-bred lap-dogs. Read More

The Akita-Inu: The Most Popular Breed of Dog in Japan
Among native Japanese dogs, the Akita is the largest and most popular of the breeds. The canine is a spitz-type dog which exhibits a square body, wedge-shaped head and small ears that stand upright. Read More