Why Do Dogs Chase Cars?

Dogs and cars have an unusual love affair. A lot of drivers have had this experience -
they are driving down a road, minding their own business, when all of a sudden they
see a barking dog trying to chase down their vehicle.

So why do dogs chase cars? The question, however, may not just be why do they
chase cars...rather, it may be what exactly would they do if they were to catch one!

More on that later.

Every dog has that "hunter instinct," the degree of development of said instinct being dependent upon the specific dog breed and of course, how the dog was brought up in the first place.

Interestingly, dogs without a home (sometimes known as stray dogs) are more likely to chase cars than dogs with a home. The reason for this is training - or lack thereof. If a dog has never take a ride in a car, they are more likely to see the moving vehicle as pray or as a type of game.

And so they give chase.

Unfortunately, dogs do not realize just how dangerous chasing a car can be. They view a moving car in the same way that they see a child riding a bike, or a cat they like to chase and play with, and so on.

This then suggests that the reason dogs like to chase cars is because of their desire to play, or because they are irritated by the noise the vehicle produces, or because of their instinctive desire to catch their pray.

Whatever their motivation - it is dangerous for both the dog and the driver, and anyone near enough to get caught up in an accident.

The best way to ensure that your dog does not chase cars is through training. For well trained dogs, a simple "No" should suffice, or better yet, an even better trained dog will not even consider it and will ignore the moving vehicle (while keeping carefully out of its way).

However, even the best trained dogs should be kept on a leash when going out for a walk - especially in urban areas with busy streets, noise, and vehicular traffic.

So the best way to prevent your dog from chasing a car is by keeping your dog on a leash. That, plus ample training, should keep your dog safe from very avoidable car accidents.