Common Dog Behavior Problems

People that own dogs know that there are certain behaviors that are expected.

Most have become adjusted to what is needed for training new dogs and breaking them
of bad behaviors.

However, new dog owners may not know exactly what lies ahead when they decide
to buy or adopt a new dog.

Here are some common behavior problems and what can be done about them.

Barking is a dog's way of telling his owner what is bothering him or to warn of a sound or sight that he may hear that his owner does not. Sometimes dogs bark to try to tell their owner they are hungry or need to go outside. The problem arises when the dog understands that barking means getting his way. This leads to excessive barking.

One way to help with barking is to teach the dog bark and quiet commands. This will allow them to know when barking is acceptable, and when it is not. It is also not a good idea to encourage barking when the dog is a puppy, or when he is first brought home. The best way to get a dog to stop barking is to find what is causing it as quick as possible and remove the problem. If the dog is barking out of a need for attention, do not comfort or feed him as it is a sign that barking for attention gets rewarded.

Having a dog means the owner should expect things to be chewed on. This is just as natural as barking for dogs. Dogs will chew when they are teething, if they get bored, out of excitement, and for just plain curiosity. The best way to curve this is to make sure the dog has plenty of toys of his own to chew on, and the owner should not leave their personal items out - especially if the dog is left alone. If the owner catches their dog chewing on something other than a toy, they should make a loud noise and then replace the item with a toy. The owner should also make sure their dog is getting plenty of exercise to keep him from getting fidgety and seeking out something to chew on.

Digging tends to be something that many breeds of dogs have an instinct to do - especially dogs that were bred for hunting purposes. Digging can also be related from dogs having too much excessive energy. Owners should make sure they are giving their dog enough exercise. If it is something that the dog must do, the owner might consider setting aside an area in their yard specifically for digging such as a sandbox.

One habit that is usually as much the owner's fault as their dogs is begging. It may seem like a good idea when that sad puppy face is peering over at them while they are eating, but the owner should not give in. Not only does it tell the dog that this behavior is all right, but it also lets the dog eat very unhealthy food. The best way to handle this situation is to tell the dog to stay or put him in another room while the owner eats. If the dog behaves, reward him with a treat.